Why Microsoft is calling Windows 10 ‘the final version’ of Windows?

The new Windows 10 operating system has got some serious features to consider. If you are still using your old ‘boring’ OS, then you may need to consider Windows 10. There are many new features available in this new version. The most notable feature is the new virtual assistant named ‘Cortana’. This particular feature was only available for Windows Phone, but finally Microsoft consider the desktop platform. You can basically do anything with your own personal assistant.


Cortana can be used in various ways. You can set-up reminders, make phone calls to your contacts (supported to limited devices), add weather locations & set up your favorite news sources. You can also play with Cortana. Users can activate Cortana by saying a specific command ‘Hey Cortana’. Microsoft is continuously improving this feature. In the previous builds, Cortana was unable to understand ‘Non-US’ accent but now it can easily recognize almost any accent. Currently, it only supports English, Germen & French.

A Microsoft representative named ‘Jerry Nixon’ had recently quoted in an interview, ‘’we are continuously improving Windows 10 with new features, Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows’’. This statement clearly mentions, Microsoft is no more planning to launch additional new Windows versions. However, they will keep updating their new Windows Build. Microsoft has also released a completely new build for ‘Windows Insiders’. So, if you have Windows 10 OS activated with KMSPico then it’s a good news for you that you may not be required in your whole life to purchase any copy of new Windows’ versions.

This program is available for those users, who had signed up for this program during Windows 10 launch period. Microsoft can test their new build with Insiders before releasing it to public. Official Insiders can also suggest for additional Improvements and features. Insiders are also reporting various ‘Bugs’ to developers, so we can have the finest update for our Windows 10 copy.

Microsoft representative ‘Jerry Nixon’ also mentioned that they are continuously releasing new updates to Windows 10 users. I would like to mention here that, you can’t disable windows updates in the new Windows version. This is not a good choice, but still you’ll have to live with it. Microsoft has not discussed any future updates, but they will surely release additional updates for their users.

Microsoft may never release any additional Windows versions, just like Chrome. Google has updated their Chrome browser, many times but most of us just don’t notice any changes. We can now expect the same from Microsoft. Additional features can be expected in upcoming updates. Microsoft may integrate additional features into your Windows 10 build.

Developers at Microsoft may update, every feature individually. For Instance, you may see some additional ‘built-in’ apps in your start menu. Cortana will surely receive additional upgrades & improvements. I would like to mention here that, Microsoft will not charge you for these new updates, however, you may have to pay for your Windows copy, after 1 to 2 years. It is not yet confirmed, whether users will be charged for the ‘FREE’ upgrade for not.

One thing is clear. You can expect more upgrades & changes in your Windows 10 copy. Some Windows updates can cause errors in your systems, however, Microsoft will fix them in the next update.