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Generating Leads on Craigslist for your Business

In the US Craigslist is something of a phenomenon, in that 4 out of 5 people have admitted to having used Craigslist at least once, if not regularly. Craigslist is a quasi-free classifieds that has a host of sections, ranging from apartment listings, used cars, to Missed Connections for hookups and romance. Since 1995, its traffic has only increased exponentially. Fast forward to 2015 and Craigslist is the top 9th most visited the site in The United States. This traffic magnet draws over 60 million hits per day and is still considered the most effective platform to post any sort of commercial ad in the US. Marketers, Craigslist posting services, and advertisers can vouch for the efficiency Craigslist traffic can draw from a single ad.

Check out this Great Video about Craigslist Posting service:

If you’ve ever considered methods to draw traffic or generate leads for your business, one of the best places to start is would be hiring a Craigslist posting service. There is currently no other platform in the US that can compete with the amount of traffic that Craigslist brings in on a daily basis. Small business owners, to real estate agents, tech startups, to fortune 100 companies have all tapped into the Craigslist market as a means to generate traffic, interest, or leads to their website. To put it simply, if you are a business owner and not posting ads on Craigslist, you are missing out on tens to hundreds of thousands of potential revenue. Getting in touch with a professional Craigslist posting service is the number one method in fast tracking your business, and this has been the case for the past decade.

Using Craigslist to Generate Web Traffic to your Startup

There is a tried and true method in generating traffic to a Start-ups in the Silicon Valley. That method is posting ads on Craigslist by hiring a professional Craigslist posting service. It doesn’t come as a big surprise to find that the large majority of websites use Craigslist as a means to fast-track their user traffic. Simply due to the massive amounts of traffic Craigslist draws to its site per day (anywhere from 60-80 million unique hits). There is currently no other classified site that comes even close to this amount of traffic. Options aside from Craigslist are Google and Facebook ads. All of which cost considerably more, and can be a hit or miss. Craigslist has dozens of sections, that allow for a Craigslist posting service to customize your campaign in so many ways to match a businesses target audience.

Tech and auto companies such as Uber, Relayrides, Enterprise Rental Cars, and GM have all hired Craigslist posting services to get their campaigns up. The reason you find multi-million dollar companies posting on Craigslist is due to the sheer amounts of traffic and business they would be missing out on if they weren’t visible there. Just like how every company has a marketing and advertising campaign running on Google or Facebook, Craigslist is also part of this equation, as this maximizes a companies coverage on the Internet. Hundreds of thousands of businesses across the United States have relied on Craigslist to generate traffic and business for over a decade. Craigslist has become the web foundation in which drives the US Economy. From small business owners, to large corporations, they all find that running an ad campaign on the site to be extremely effective.

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